Friday, February 5, 2016

Radiator VNF – a true NFV solution

As telcos, service providers and enterprises are now looking for solutions using network function virtualisation (NFV), we here in OSC provide a solution for this. We are happy to announce Radiator is now available as the first true implementation of the AAA virtualised network function – Radiator VNF.

Radiator VNF – an overview

Our customers have always said that Radiator is a Swiss army knife of AAA servers and we want to ensure it will be interoperable in the future as well. Because of this, Radiator VNF is developed and tested together with leading operators, integrators and vendors – and it works with any industry standard NFV infrastructure.

To get most out of scalability, the key benefit of NFV technology, Radiator VNF is equipped with additional components such as RADIUS and Diameter load balancers as well as separate AAA and database workers. This ensures that it automatically scales in and out according to actual transaction needs.

In addition to this, scaling in Radiator VNF is controlled by its management and monitoring components. Management and monitoring components together with Radiator VNF Manager ensure that instead of having too many dedicated authentication servers only waiting, you automatically have the right number of server instances at all times.

For integration needs, Radiator VNF includes a redundant message queue for inter-component communication. All Radiator VNF components utilise this message queue for communication, and provide clean, clear interfaces to make future service integration easy and flexible.

Do you want to know more?

We are happy to make Radiator VNF a part of your NFV solution. Radiator VNF is delivered as a VNF image which is ready to be deployed quickly and easily across infrastructures. For more info, please visit our website and contact our team at