Monday, February 29, 2016

VoLTE RCS is getting more support - be ready with Radiator

In Mobile World Congress last week, Google and several global operators announced the launch of a mobile industry initiative to accelerate the availability of Rich Communications Services (RCS) in Android. Operators have agreed to transition toward a common, universal profile based on the GSMA's RCS specifications and an Android RCS client provided by Google in collaboration with operators and OEMs.

For telcos and their customers, the improved user equipment support means that they can get more out of their VoLTE networks. For example, the following Android RCS features will become part of operator messaging experience:

  • Group chat
  • Sharing high-resolution photos
  • Reading receipts

Also, GSMA RCS advanced calling features will be supported in the future by Google.

Be ready with Radiator

The support for VoLTE RCS requires seamless authentication in operator networks. This can be implemented with Radiator GBA/BSF Support Module. Radiator GBA/BSF Support Module works as an authentication proxy between the end-user UE and HSS. It authenticates the user requests, and separates the authentication procedure and the Application Specific server (AS) functions to different logical entities – for example, call forwarding and other Rich Communication Services.

Authentication architecture, when your end user device supports VoLTE RCS

We have already deployed Radiator GBA/BSF Support module to real operator networks in order to provide support for seamless VoLTE RCS authentication. In case you are interested in our solution, please contact our team at support