Thursday, March 7, 2019

Connect your organization to govroam with Radiator

Recently, we have been implementing solutions for our customers that want to join govroam. With govroam, for example UK public-sector staff can roam in Wi-Fi networks in different locations - in a similar way that eduroam works in academic sector internationally.

As Radiator has strong background in eduroam and in other federated wifi networks, our solutions are a very good fit with govroam as well. We already have good experiences working, for example, with NHS organizations in the UK.

In couple of recent cases, Radiator provides the govroam compliant solution for user authentication and proxying. With Radiator, this has solved a a challenge for customers especially when using Windows AD / Windows NPS in their environment. While working with these cases, we have tailored couple of solutions that helps the organizations to be compliant with govroam specifications.

Also, Radiator can be run on Windows and Linux platforms, and in the cloud as well. In govroam cases, installations have been made to many different environments.

What Radiator Software offers

In our govroam use cases, we have developed two solutions for different types of organizations. The packs include both Radiator licenses as well as the support service for Radiator products:

  • Radiator Govroam Federation Support Pack
    • Solution for organisations that want to create a regional root service that is connected to govroam
  • Radiator Govroam Support Pack
    • Solution for individual organisations that will connect to regional root service connected to govroam. In this solution, Radiator is used as a RADIUS proxy providing the needed configuration in order to comply to govroam specifications.

For more info, please contact our sales team at . We are happy to have a call about your govroam needs in order to provide a suitable solution for your own organization.