Friday, January 19, 2024

Meet Radiator Software at Mobile World Congress 2024

Like everyone else in the telecom industry, we’re busy preparing for the world’s largest connectivity event of the year: Mobile World Congress held at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona on 26th – 29th February 2024. We’re looking to catch up with old and new partners and customers in Barcelona!

For MWC24, Radiator Software is showcasing Radiator solutions, which deliver a superb combo of flexibility, interoperability and performance to complex operator AAA deployments. We invite you to engage with our team of network authentication experts to discuss all things AAA: FTTH authentication, WiFi roaming, VoWiFi, IMSI Privacy, OpenRoaming, and more.

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Monday, January 8, 2024

Radiator SIM Pack 2.9 released

Recently, we have met increased demand for SIM authentication in different use cases and services. Radiator development is driven by the actual customer cases and we are now pleased to announce the release of Radiator SIM Pack version 2.9!

Here are selected highlights from the new release:

Cx support for EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA’ authentication

Diameter Cx interface provides an alternative way of fetching the SIM authentication vectors when the standard SWx interface is not available from the MNO. Cx is an HSS interface that is typically used to authenticate users from the IMS side of the network, but Radiator can now also use it for SIM based Wi-Fi authentication.

SIGTRAN location update features

Support for MAP UpdateLocation, MAP UpdateGprsLocation and MAP CancelLocation have been implemented in SIGTRAN. Location update features make it possible to resolve the user MSISDN (i.e. mobile number) and use IMSI related profile for authorisation. As a result, different authorisation rules can be enforced based on the MSISDN, or mobile numbers can be included in logging, accounting and other customer specific requirements.

Improved temporary identity generation

Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity or TMSI is a pseudonym for the subscriber’s actual identity, IMSI. Plain or encrypted IMSI is always used for the initial SIM authentication, but a temporary identity can be generated for the subsequent requests to make re-authentication faster and increase security. Radiator TMSI implementation has now been updated per recent 3GPP specification: the improved implementation no longer requires a SQL session database further enhancing the speed of re-authentication. Historical data is also retained better.

For a full list of new features and changes, please see Radiator SIM Pack revision history.

Trends in operator AAA cases

In our recent projects with customers ranging from small private operators to major tier 1 carriers, we have seen these significant trends:

  • Demand for Wifi offloading and VoWiFi remains high for various reasons: coverage and capacity expansion, ease of congestion in high density areas, and cost saving, especially for saving international roaming costs.
  • Non-fixed backhaul connectivity cases (in-flight, train, maritime) cases are emerging.
  • New private LTE/5G operators need SIM authentication to add Wi-Fi networks to their offerings. Radiator is an integral part in different MVNE solutions in connecting the MVNO and MNO network elements.

In addition, security requirements have increased. Demand for IMSI Privacy is driven by Android and iOS, and support for IMSI encryption is now a must for new offloading projects. RadSec is required for various roaming scenarios, including OpenRoaming. Both are supported by the Radiator SIM Pack - with a long track record of field proven production implementations.

Would you like to know more?

Radiator pre-sales team includes experienced engineers who can provide expertise for advanced Diameter and roaming use cases, including non-standard and custom cases.

In addition to top tier technical support, we also provide a flexible licensing model to match your business case. Whether you have your own subscribers, IoT devices or roaming guests, you can grow your license at the same pace where your business grows - you can just buy add-on licensing as you are onboarding more SIM authentication or VoWiFi end users, for example.

We always know that every customer case is different - so please do not hesitate to contact us at