Friday, May 8, 2015

Radiator Connects - from Machine to Machine to the Internet of Things

Our customer, a telecommunication company, had a pressing need in their network. They needed to replace their outdated Radius solution with a new design that allowed their M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network to function automatically as a integrating solution between the network controlled devices and the operator’s network.

In addition to telcos, the same kind of solution can be provided for power companies, logistical companies and others who have a need for an IoT-solution where devices interact with each other. Devices can be either pre-provisioned in batches (such as contactless electricity meters) or they can be uploaded to the system one device at a time via the user portal operated by the company. The basic functionality is shown below.

In this kind of operating environment, it is essential that the Radius server used for authentication and provisioning is compatible with and able to adapt different systems and devices - some dated while back. You may have, for example, a need to use database of some specific vendor (Oracle etc) in the future as well. From Radius server you then need interoperability and flexibility - and Radiator can be easily integrated to your operating environment. 

Same need in your own network?

For this kind of configuration, the right solution for you is Radiator, possibly with Radiator EAP-SIM Pack  - with an IoT-solution it is often convenient to use SIM authentication. To complement Radiator capabilities, our team of Radiator experts, making it easy for you to just deploy Radiator as the solution or the replacement for less flexible system. Please contact our sales team,  when figuring out the best solution for your needs.

The Radiator EAP-SIM Pack is now known as Radiator SIM Pack.