Monday, June 1, 2015

Improving Clustering Support in Radiator with Gossip Protocol

 Our Radiator is deployed in various operating environments, ranging from single server instances to large clusters, sometimes called server farms. Recently, we have developed Radiator support for Gossip protocol framework and Redis based Gossip implementation. The Gossip framework allows clustered Radiator instances to share information and event notifications. The instances can be standalone or part of a Radiator server farm.

One use case for the Gossip framework is co-ordinated detection of unreachable next hop proxies. Multiple Radiator instances can now signal next hop proxy unreachability and reachability information with Gossip messages. The instances may be part of server farm, completely separate processes running on the same or different hosts or any combination of thereof - depending on the customer’s network architecture.

Radiator 1 informs Radiator 2 via Gossip
This allows, for example, one server farm worker to run Status-Server queries when the FarmSize configuration parameter is set. When the member notices that the next hop has become unreachable, it can quickly alert the other members to immediately switch over to an alternate next hop. This provides a method to quickly recover from failures - and also switch back when the failure condition has been resolved.

In general, when the instances can share information, co-operating Radiator instances as a whole can function more efficiently and respond more quickly to configuration and other changes.

As our product development continues, we are planning to develop more clustering functionality to Radiator. Our aim is to provide even more performance to network environment with large amount of end users.

How can I use them as a Radiator customer

If you already use Radiator, see goodies/farmsize.cfg for a configuration example with shared duplicate cache and Gossip and Redis configuration. As our development work continues, more modules will be added and upgraded to use the Gossip framework.

If you are not yet a Radiator customer, please contact our sales team at sales(a) with your question about. We are happy to help you with your issues.