Thursday, August 20, 2015

SIM Authentication and Charging with Radiator - expand your data coverage with Wifi

In many cases operators and telcos have a need to expand their mobile data coverage with Wi-Fi. In many cases, the main requirements common to many network service providers are:

  1. One authentication method need for both Wi-Fi- and LTE-networks. This way the authentication and charging of clients would be easy no matter which network the client uses.
  2. Both mobile and laptop users need to have common charging and policy method

In addition to this, common requirement is to provide prepaid data plans for their clients. The clients must not exceed the prepaid plan, no matter which device they use or how they authenticate.

The solution - SIM Authentication, Policy and Charging control with Radiator.

Our solution for our customers behind this is Radiator EAP-AKA - a standard for authenticating wireless LAN access with SIM cards and the existing worldwide 3G/LTE mobile network. Support for EAP-AKA is now included in a number of smart phones, tablets and other devices. In addition to this, laptop users can use the same authentication service with username/password (PEAP) authentication.

In order to provide additional requirement for our customers, how to provide a prepaid data plan for their clients, we used another Radiator server with charging and policy functionality.

One of the perks include novel functionality for the end user when his data quota has been used. End user is not logged off from the network at any time - for example during the session when rest of the data quota is used. However, when end user tries to log on next time after the quota has been used, his network access speed is restricted only to support renewal of data plan.

This solution provides flexibility for data plans of end users - whether you want to provide them access based on data quota, time spent your network, or both.

Examples of different data plans for different customer needs - all can be done with Radiator

How we did it?

During the configuration process, our experts have been working side by side with customers' personnel, to provide support where needed. Together with our customers, mostly telcos, we have been creating solutions in which Wifi- and LTE-networks can be authenticated with single SIM. With this kind of solution, both the Wifi- and LTE-networks use the same data plan. Our expert team is happy to help you in this kind of configuration and integration projects - solutions can be done in various network vendor environments.

Same need in your own network?

The right solution for your needs is Radiator EAP-SIM Pack, Radiator Policy and Charging Support or combination of these two. Please contact our sales team for more info: sales (a.t.) with your plans.

Radiator EAP-SIM Pack is now known as Radiator SIM Pack.