Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Radiator as a Cisco ACS replacement

We have been contacted by customers looking for a replacement for Cisco ACS (Secure Access Control System) because it is near of its end of support. Radiator AAA Server Software is a fully featured and cost-effective solution that is known in the market as the “Swiss Army of AAA Servers for RADIUS, Diameter and TACACS+”.

To assist with migration, we are also selling consulting services. As we have had a wide range of customers with different needs migrating to Radiator, we can easily tailor a cost-effective consulting package for your needs. Because of our experience in similar projects, Radiator configuration can be adjusted to new environments without any extra hassle.

At the same time, Radiator is actively developed and it runs with variety of platforms, including Linux, Windows and others. You can be sure that you will have a supported AAA solution that is always kept up to date. Radiator has at least two releases per year, with interim patches made available for those who require the latest updates. Radiator is actively used by thousands of companies and organisations in over 180 countries.

Other key features of Radiator include:

  • Supports authentication by over 60 different types of methods
  • Interoperates with a huge range of devices, databases, billing packages, and tokens
  • Includes RadSec - secure, reliable RADIUS proxying
  • Includes Diameter - the RADIUS successor protocol used already by mobile operators
  • Includes TACACS+ - for infrastructure management

Would you like to know more?

With Radiator, you get direct professional technical support for configuration, for deployment, and for development. We have consultation and support packages ranging from limited email support to 24x7 telephone support, provided by Radiator experts. Additionally, Radiator Software and its partner companies provide installation and consultation support whenever needed. If you would like to know more about Radiator, licensing options, and support, please contact our team at info@radiatorsoftware.com