Thursday, November 15, 2018

Transition from ISP to LTE Carrier - with the help of Radiator products

Recently, we have seen a transition with many operators evolving from traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to LTE carriers who provide fixed line, WiFi, and mobile connections. At the same time, their needs for authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) become more complex. As an example, on top of a standard RADIUS AAA infrastructure, these carriers may need Diameter interfaces and a 3GPP AAA server.

For Radiator customers, we have made this transition as easy as possible - and with the flexibility of Radiator, it is easy to bring it to different infrastructures as a new solution.

How Radiator can help

As many of our customers have evolved from ISPs to LTE Carriers, their needs for different features have evolved at the same time. For these needs, we have developed Radiator Carrier class product line. In order to ensure cost-effective solutions, we offer a modular approach where you can purchase only the components that you will need in your project.

For example, many of our customers have used Radiator for both fixed and WiFi access for years. When they need to enable VoWiFi calling features, they can just add Radiator SIM Module to their network, and in this way, enable different EAP-SIM / EAP-AKA / EAP-AKA’ authentication methods and have a fully featured 3GPP AAA Server in their network as well.

Another example is our Radiator GBA/BSF Module that provides easy authentication for VoLTE supplementary services. This way you can ensure that VoLTE supplementary services (call forwarding, knocking, call barring) are in use in your LTE infrastructure without resorting to 2G/3G infrastructure.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in Radiator features such as Diameter interfaces, online charging, VoWiFi, or 3GPP AAA Server, you can find more details in our website or contact our sales team at We will be happy to help you with your project.