Monday, December 20, 2021

Radiator used for authentication in water monitoring

Water monitoring is important in all regions of the world. In order to have a clear overall picture of such vital resource, it is necessary to have real-time data about river levels and flows, storage elevations and volumes, and water salinity.

Water monitoring organizations use remote sensor networks to monitor data such as reservoir levels, stream flows, and pipeline valve positions. Those sensors, often equipped with mobile data transceivers, are critical components of the water management system, and therefore need to be authenticated.

For one of our major customers in this field, we have provided a RADIUS authentication solution, using Radiator AAA server to authenticate around 2000 active devices currently in active service.

After the authentication is done, the sensors send their telemetry data to specialized data repositories for processing, analysis, and display, in order for customer organizations to know the real-time status of their water system.

Would you like to know more about using Radiator in device authentication?

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Radiator, being the most flexible AAA server in the market, may be just the solution for your authentication use case.