Thursday, February 23, 2023

New whitepaper: Introduction to IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi with Radiator SIM Pack


Great news! We are proud to present our new whitepaper “Introduction to IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi with Radiator SIM Pack”. You can download the whitepaper from our website.

What is IMSI Privacy about and why is it important?

One of the key use cases for SIM authentication, Wi-Fi offloading enables SIM-based devices to automatically switch data and voice traffic from mobile networks to Wi-Fi networks. This lets mobile carriers and operators reduce their operating costs, and provide better network coverage and customer service, in locations with high amounts of mobile traffic. However, without IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi the mobile user’s identity will be exposed on the Wi-Fi network when the device is authenticated and the latest Android and iOS mobile devices will also give the user a security warning and may refuse to connect automatically.

Since many of the SIM-based Wi-Fi authentication use cases, such as Wi-Fi offloading, Voice over Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi roaming capabilities are growing in importance, mobile OS manufacturers are putting pressure on the industry to improve Wi-Fi security, leading to a clear need for reliable IMSI Privacy Protection.

In our white paper, we give an overview of the security issues with Wi-Fi SIM-based device authentication and introduce the Radiator SIM Pack, which is a proven solution for IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi.

For more information, please download the whitepaper from our website.

*) In SIM-based mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, the user’s unique identifier is stored on the SIM card in a standard format known as the International Mobile Subscriber Identifier, or IMSI for short.