Wednesday, May 17, 2023

New release: Radiator VNF Flex 2023.1.1 is available!

Great news! We are happy to announce that as a part of our development efforts a new release for Radiator VNF Flex is now available - Radiator VNF Flex 2023.1.1. As always, this development work has been done with close interaction with our carrier customers that have given valuable feedback when testing and implementing new features.

A sneak peek to the sales demo of Radiator VNF Flex. More visuals of the product can be found in the user guide.

New features and related material

During 2023, our team has developed several key feature to new Radiator VNF Flex releases - and release Radiator VNF Flex 2023.1.1 includes all the following:

  • AlmaLinux 9.2 as base for the Radiator VNF Flex Image
  • Radiator AAA Server Software 4.27-1 included
  • Possibility to integrate Radiator VNF Manager with LDAP to allow authenticating to GUI and CLI with domain user accounts
  • Possibility to use specific mirror for AlmaLinux repositories
  • Includes hardenings for Radiator VNF Manager and Radiator VNF hosts
    • Unneeded services removed
    • Radiator VNF Manager internal firewall tightened
  • Usability improvement: requirement for the Radiator VNF Flex configuration file to have unique radiator_configuration and enhancements configuration_source file names within the Radiator VNF Manager has been removed
In addition to the features implemented to the Radiator VNF Flex, we also provide extensive documentation and material for our customers interested in Radiator VNF Flex. For example, we have also published following materials to different user groups:

 Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in Radiator VNF Flex or in other Radiator products please contact our sales team at info(a) We are happy to give a technical demo and discuss how we can help you with your use case.