Monday, September 18, 2023

Replacing Juniper SBR in mobile APN authentication with Radiator

Like we have written before in our blog, Radiator AAA Server Software is currently being used in many projects to replace Juniper’s Steel-Belted RADIUS that is now reaching the end of support. Of course at the same time, many FTTH service providers, ISPs and mobile operators are always searching for new options when they prepare their network infrastructure for the future.

One specific use case where we have seen a lot of demand for Radiator is the RADIUS authentication needed in mobile networks. In mobile networks, RADIUS protocol is used when there are private, organization-specific APN (Access Point Name) network paths in use. For example, critical communications such as emergency services often require this kind of network segmentation to secure their operations.

In VoLTE/4G networks, PGW/GGSN components in mobile networks make RADIUS queries to RADIUS server (such as our Radiator), and RADIUS server then authenticates and authorizes the end user to a specific APN network path - that can for example be an enterprise-related private network.

What we have been recently doing with many customers is the replacement of RADIUS servers and the related business logic in mobile networks. These have been done both with Radiator AAA Server Software and with the consultation of our technical team. At the same time, these projects are often combined with different accounting use cases, storing of CDR records etc.

When preparing for the future and taking the course to 5G networks, either RADIUS or Diameter interfaces will be used for similar use cases. Radiator, with extensive support of different TLS-based EAP methods, is of course prepared for this use case with 5G networks as well.

Would you like to know more?

In case you are looking for a future-proof RADIUS and Diameter server for your mobile network, we are happy to provide more info - and discuss your use case. Just reach out to us at and we can discuss further.