Monday, November 30, 2015

Enhance your voice coverage and get back in control - doing VoWiFi with Radiator

Since Wi-Fi calling (VoWiFi) has been introduced into the market, operators are
increasing their indoor coverage overnight to provide better voice coverage to their subscribers and offer new voice models (both domestic and roaming). With new generation devices and automatic SIM authentication, end-users will never have to consider are they connected to LTE- or WiFi network.

Doing with seamless call transfer support between WiFi and VoLTE provides new opportunities for operators. For years, voice calls have been transmitted over Wi-Fi in the form of OTT applications such as Skype. The problem with OTT applications from an operator’s perspective is that the operator loses control and revenue. With VoWiFi voice calls and messaging work seamlessly for the end-user - and operator retains control.

Benefits for VoWiFi solution

For operator, several benefits are the same as for the end-user - for example better indoor coverage. Additional benefits come from getting the control back for the calls, making OTT players such as skype less important. WiFi is also low-cost solution to enhance voice service coverage and at the same time offload traffic from the core network. After all, VoWiFi is using sharing similar infrastructure as VoLTE.

For end-user, the benefits come from seamless voice and messaging solution between WiFi and LTE networks - provided that their smartphone will support the solution. At the same time WiFi calling will provide better indoor coverage as it will complement LTE network. Also, the operator can offer atttractive solutions that can for example minimise roaming charges when using VoWiFi.

How to do this with Radiator?

Radiator products provide the essential components for VoWifi authentication. Authentication is done with our Radiator SIM Pack that also includes 3GPP AAA Server - providing all the interfaces for 3GPP and non-3GPP authentication. When combined with Radiator Telco Pack Diameter support for policy control and authentication, your network will be ready for Wifi calling. Radiator integrates with all your evolved packet core and WiFi network elements via 3GPP interfaces.

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