Monday, November 9, 2015

Using Radiator for Wi-Fi offloading: how to make savings in mobile packet core network

With Wi-Fi offloading, mobile operators can transfer traffic from their Evolved Packet Core network to Wi-Fi networks. One of the key reasons for this is cost savings - as an example from Radiator customer can demonstrate.Our customer has currently 50,000 public hotspots in their country - the best Wi-Fi coverage in the nation.

Hotspots in the country by operator

In order to get the most out of their Wi-Fi network, a solution was needed for automatic SIM authentication for mobile users. For this, our regional partner implemented a solution with Radiator SIM Pack for the customer. This enabled them to increase the network usage from 1 M usages  per month to over 70 million usages per month. A key component, in addition to Radiator SIM Pack, was iPhone Carrier Bundle with auto connect - that provides automatic authentication to the end-user.

After the initial surge, customer still sees growth of 13 % per month.

The current progress of WiFi Auto Connect usage
Because of the solution, customer is now offloading almost 600 TBytes of data from evolved mobile packet core (EPC) each month - and the amount is still growing. If cost of each GByte to the EPC is around USD $4, the customer is saving over USD $2M per month - and over $24M per year!

Amount of offloaded data by month

Interested in Wi-Fi offloading?

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