Monday, December 28, 2015

Implementing VoLTE supplementary services with Radiator GBA/BSF

Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA) is a technology that enables the authentication of a user. This authentication is possible if the user owns a valid identity on an HSS (Home Subscriber Server). GBA is standardised at the 3GPP. The user authentication is instantiated by a shared secret, for example, a SIM card inside the mobile phone and the other is on the HSS.

With GBA, it is possible to provide VoLTE Supplementary Services, for example, Call Forwarding in VoLTE. Call Forwarding is an example of use case that cannot be pre-configured for all the subscribers because users want to configure their own forwarding number. With Radiator GBA/BSF module, this is possible to done in your VoLTE network – without the need to drop the user from VoLTE to other network.

How this is done with Radiator?

One of our customers had a need for VoLTE Supplementary Services in their network, and as a part of product development, a new Radiator GBA/BSF module was introduced to meet their needs.

One example architecture when using Radiator GBA/BSF module for VoLTE Supplementary Services

As it is shown in picture above, Radiator GBA/BSF module will work as a authentication proxy between the end-user UE and HSS. It will authenticate user requests, and also separate the authentication procedure and the Application Specific server (AS) specific application logic to different logical entities – such as VoLTE Supplementary Services.

After the authentication procedure has been completed, Radiator GBA/BSF module assumes the role of a reverse proxy, i.e. the AP forwards HTTP requests originating from the UE to the correct AS, and returns corresponding HTTP responses from the AS to the originating UE.

Need for VoLTE Supplementary Services in your own network?

In case you need VoLTE Supplementary Services, such as Call Forwarding, in your own network, please do not hesitate to contact our team at sales(a.t.) Our team of experts is happy to assist with your project.