Monday, July 18, 2016

Flexible M2M/IoT service with Radiator and Private APN

M2M (Machine to Machine) communications, IoT (Internet of Things), and Industrial Internet are constantly bringing new connected devices, things, to the Internet. Operators and other companies already use Radiator AAA Server Software to create M2M, IoT, and Industrial Internet services to customers. Using Radiator with Private APN (access point name) is an important use case.

Figure 1: Radiator RADIUS server and Private APN service architecture

Most mobile operators provide, in addition to their own APNs, also a Private APN service for companies interested of separating their data traffic from operators’ generic subscriptions. The Private APN service utilises operator’s SIM cards for radio network access, but separates the data traffic in operator’s GGSN (gateway GPRS support node) by the access point name (e.g. instead of operator’s own access point name). These separate private access points may have their own parameters for authentication, accounting, IP networks, IP address allocation, connection parameters, traffic accounting, priorities, and other functionalities. Depending on the GGSN capabilities, it is possible to move some of these functionalities and information to a separate RADIUS service, which is provided either by the operator or company utilising the Private APN.

With the Private APN and Radiator AAA Server Software as a RADIUS service, our customers have successfully deployed M2M, IoT, and Industrial Internet solutions. Some examples are:
  • Fixed IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation for mobile operator M2M/IoT service based on MSISDN (phone number) with the option of returning any GGSN-supported subscription parameters from RADIUS to GGSN
  • Ensuring that the Australian state-wide network of water measurement devices are active and sending measurement data, and working as AAA service for VPN connection authentication for devices
  • Tracking truck locations, and authenticating, accounting, and authorising GPS tracking devices for fleet tracking service operating across several operators and European countries

Would you like to know more?

This use case is one of the many, where Radiator can be used to provide additional and complementary functionality to mobile network and Internet of Things/Industrial Internet solutions. Contact our team at sales(a.t.) to set up a meeting, where we can discuss how Radiator could help you in building and deploying mobile network or IoT/Industrial Internet services and solutions.