Monday, September 12, 2016

Utilising Radiator when evolving to 4G/LTE

One of the Radiator use cases is evolving your infrastructure for 4G/LTE features. Some of our customers already provide prepaid data plans in 3G/CDMA network but now they need to provide also 4G/LTE features for their subscribers. At the same time, being able to use the parts of the current infrastructure saves network operator’s money and time.

Radiator’s flexibility has a lot to offer for this kind of use case. You can choose any vendor for your LTE core network and Radiator will work seamlessly with it, thanks to Radiator’s multi-vendor support.

With Radiator, the same functionalities that have been implemented in 3G/CDMA network with RADIUS interfaces before, can now be implemented in 4G/LTE network with Diameter interfaces. You only need to replace your current RADIUS server with Radiator Telco Pack that provides all the needed features.

Radiator makes it also possible to use the existing customer data plans and business logic when updating for example from CDMA to LTE. For this integration, Radiator communicates with the original billing system using SQL or LDAP interfaces, among others. At the same time, Radiator uses Diameter interfaces, such as Gy, for integrating with LTE network infrastructure. See the picture below for basic layout.

Do you want to know more?

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