Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Recent logging and management updates in Radiator

In recent Radiator releases 4.18 and 4.19 we have implemented numerous logging and management updates. These enhancements provide more tools for diagnostics and management of your network and possible authentication issues. In Radiator release 4.19, the enhancements include:
  • Unfinished EAP authentications are now logged and available for AuthLog logging
  • Ignored authentications are now available for AuthLog logging
Also, in release 4.18 we have added support for new type of clause "AcctLog xxxxx". With this enhancement, it is easier to configurate the handling of accounting messages than before. An AcctLog clause logs RADIUS accounting requests to a file, Windows Event Log, SQL or syslog. An AcctLog is configured similar to AuthLog: you configure one more AcctLog clauses for a Handler or Realm. Currently supported AcctLog clauses are: 
  • AcctLog EVENTLOG 
  • AcctLog FILE
  • AcctLog SQL
  • AcctLogSYSLOG. 
In Radiator documentation, you can see logformat.cfg and sql.cfg for configuration samples. All enhancements in releases 4.18 and 4.19 can be found from Radiator product history.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more how these enhancements and Radiator in general can help you with your authentication, accounting and logging needs, please do not hesitate to contact our team at sales(a.t.)radiatorsoftware.com