Tuesday, May 22, 2018

RAdmin version 1.16 is released

We are pleased to announce that RAdmin version 1.16 is now released. RAdmin is our tool for managing RADIUS users. With RAdmin you can check usage summaries, drill down to usage details and much more that is needed when managing your RADIUS traffic and users.

For this revision, we have implemented one key security fix, multiple bug fixes and and other enhancements. With 2-factor authentication, for example, support for using Yubikey 2-factor authentication tokens has now been updated. This release allows our customers to be sure that the software we provide is up-to-date and can be run on the current Windows, Linux and other platforms. 

For detailed list of enhancements, please see RAdmin revision history

New features

In addition of providing new bugfixes, version 1.16 also provides new enhancements for RAdmin UI. One example of these is providing a better way to listing usage of different users and sessions (see picture below). In addition other new usability and UI fixes are now available in order to provide a user-friendly way for managing network users.

Would you like to know more?

We are happy to provide RAdmin, like other Radiator products for evaluation.

RAdmin is designed especially for ISPs, CSPs and other companies or organizations that have the need to manage their RADIUS users. When contacting our sales team at info@radiatorsoftware.com we are happy to provide more info about use cases for Radiator and RAdmin.