Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Radiator Carrier Pack revision 1.5 released!

We are pleased to announce that Radiator Carrier revision 1.5 has been released. The many upgrades and enhancements in the new revision provide even better support for different carrier infrastructures than before.

Detailed changes and upgrades in revision 1.5
  • Added StreamServerUnix which allows to use UNIX domain sockets to connect to Radiator process. Integrator.pm in goodies shows an example how to create an integration interface which uses StreamServerUnix.
  • Updated ServerDIAMETERTelco and DiaPeerDef to fully support TLS_* configuration parameters.
  • DiaPeerDef now supports ReconnectTimeout parameter.
  • AuthBy DiaRelay now supports newly added DiaPeerDef selector Peer-Auth-Application-Id which allows selecting next hop Diameter peer based on the Auth-Application-Id advertised in the peer's CER or CEA. Requires Radiator 4.20 or later.
  • ReconnectTimeout and TLS support in DiaPeerDef requires Radiator 4.21 or later.
  • DiaPeerDef and ServerDiameterTelco now support SCTP multihoming when Radius::SCTP bindings for libsctp are available. Multiple local IP addresses are bound when BindAddress or LocalAddress are configured for ServerDIAMETERTelco or DiaPeerDef, respectively. DiaPeerDef now accepts one or more SCTPPeer configuration parameter for connecting to multiple destination IP addresses. Requires Radiator 4.22 and Radiator Radius::UtilXS package.
  • A number of code clean up and maintenance changes were done based on Perl::Critic and other tools.
  • Information about Diameter connection establishment, termination and DiaPeer selection is now logged on INFO level.

Now available as new Linux packages

Similar to Radiator 4.22, Radiator Carrier Pack is now available as packages suitable for Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu. These packages are based on the best practices we have used in our deployments and they comply with the current Linux distribution packaging practices. For more info regarding the new Radiator packages, please see our recent blog

These new packages are now available at:

As these are new packages, we are interested in any feedback you may have on the package design and installation. If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback or questions of the new  packages, please do send them via this package feedback form or via email to support (a) radiatorsoftware.com.
Radiator Carrier Pack is now known as Radiator Service Provider Pack.