Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Customer reference: Salt Mobile SA using Radiator Policy and Charging Pack

Salt Mobile SA uses Radiator for their Diameter interfaces


Swiss mobile operator Salt Mobile SA (Salt), one of the top operators in Switzerland, has been using Radiator Policy and Charging Pack since late 2020 for their 2 million customers. The use case in Salt has evolved from initial use of Radiator Enterprise Pack to the use of Radiator Policy and Charging Pack. 


The flexibility of Radiator licensing models has provided cost-efficient, step-by-step licensing where additional modules have been added when needed. 

Salt has been using Radiator products for several years. Nowadays, Salt uses Policy and Charging Pack for the charging and accounting of their customers' pre-paid and post-paid plans. Radiator Telco Pack provides the Diameter Gy and Gx interfaces specified by the 3GPP to implement this:

“We use Radiator for our DATA and SMS real-time charging (using Gy Diameter protocol). It sits between our core network elements (SMSC/GGSN) and our online charging system. All our DATA and SMS traffic (national and roaming ) is controlled using this flow. On top of that we use the control function (Gx) to apply throttling on the DATA flow for roaming.” 

-Annaick Rinderknecht, Devops Manager, IT, Salt Mobile

Would you like to know more? 

If you are looking for a carrier-grade AAA server with flexible options for different use cases, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. 

For example, in the use case mentioned, Radiator Policy and Charging Pack extends Radiator by allowing direct connections to your 3GPP infrastructure through Diameter interfaces – a protocol commonly used in telecommunication systems. Radiator Policy and Charging Pack includes support for different policy and charging related interfaces and implementations specified by the 3GPP.

Examples of use include Wi-Fi offloading, integrating Diameter online and offline charging with RADIUS based infrastructure, integrating RADIUS accounting with Diameter online and offline charging and much more.

Our support team has wide experience of various carrier use cases in different environments and we are happy to help you in all your AAA needs.

Edit: Radiator Policy and Charging Pack was previously knowns as Radiator Telco Pack. Name of the product has been updated in the blog.