Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Connect to OpenRoaming™ with Radiator

Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), provides OpenRoaming™, a roaming federation service enabling an automatic and secure Wi-Fi experience globally. It creates a federation of networks and identity providers to enable automatic roaming and user onboarding on Wi-Fi. More information can be found from WBA OpenRoaming™ pages or from the video below.


Recently, we have seen developments where carriers and other organisations, such as universities, are embracing OpenRoaming™ for their guest Wi-Fi access. This industry backig and focus on end user experience is one of the key benefits of OpenRoaming™.

As OpenRoaming™ becomes more integrated in the Android and Apple devices, the host organisations do not need to worry about how they will provide guest user credentials for guests. The guests will already authenticate with Apple, Google, participating operators and even in the future with Facebook credentials to guest networks without requiring host organisations to instruct them or provide configuration to their devices. For users, this development would bring significant benefits: secure and easy access to the Wi-Fi network wherever they go.

Radiator Software, being a WBA member and solution provider, can provide your organisation the products and services you need in order to join OpenRoaming™.

Radiator supports OpenRoaming™ requirements

For OpenRoaming™, support both for RadSec and DNSRoaming protocol is needed in order to implement the roaming securely and without extra effort to the end user. Radiator AAA Server supports both these protocols as can be seen from our product page. With RadSec, we are proud to tell that Radiator was the first commercial AAA Server where the protocol was implemented.

At the same time, we have 20 years of experience for providing roaming solutions to our Radiator customers - especially for international roaming federations suchs as eduroam and govroam. For these customers, we can of course provide assistance when joining OpenRoaming™.

Interested in joining OpenRoaming™ using Radiator?

For OpenRoaming™, our team can offer you a complete package: providing the software and the installation and the configuration assistance in order to join OpenRoaming™. After this, with Radiator support, you can ask for any later on assistance needed if for example configuration changes are needed.

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