Friday, November 19, 2021

Companion to Radiator 4.26: SIM support 2.7 and Carrier module 1.7 released

We are very pleased to announce the release of Radiator SIM Module 2.7 and Radiator Carrier Module 1.7. This release is in companion to the most recent Radiator 4.26 version, and brings a number of fixes and enhancements to Diameter and SIGTRAN. IMSI privacy is now tested against Wireless Broadband Alliance technical specification 'IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi'. Also included are number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

For the full product history, please visit the Radiator SIM Module revision history and Radiator Carrier Module revision history.

Radiator packages are available to download for current licensees from the downloads page and the Radiator repository.

Access to download the latest release can be renewed by placing an online renewal order or contacting

Radiator Carrier Pack is now known as Radiator Service Provider Pack.