Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Radiator Auth.Fi: Self-service, Passwordless Guest Access

 As a part of our Radiator Auth.Fi - Wi-Fi Authentication Service we provide self-service, passwordless guest access for Wi-Fi networks. With this service you can limit the use of your guest network to those users willing to validate their network access with email address or phone number. Compared to unauthenticated guest networks, the authenticated guest networks reduce network abuse  cases and overuse of network resources.

We have designed the guest network access validation to be easy and secure enough for the end-user without any hassle with passwords or need to reauthenticate. As the network access validation is done as a self-service, no vouchers are provided and needed reducing the work needed to support guest users in accessing the network - the authentication and authorization is connected to the user to the MAC address of the user device.

How does it work?

As seen from the picture below, the authentication and access process follows a few steps, after which the guest can join to the Wi-Fi network automatically - but still as an authenticated user. The steps are as follows:

  1. Guest user connects to the Wi-Fi network operated by your organization
  2. The user device of the guest user notices that authentication is needed before browsing and the user's WWW browser is redirected to the authentication page operated by Radiator Auth.Fi.
  3. Guest user chooses the method for authentication and inserts either email address or telephone number for authentication.
  4. Radiator Auth.Fi service sends the authentication verification message to the guest user to email or SMS messaging service.
  5. Email message (or optionally SMS) containing verification link is sent to the guest user 
  6. Following the verification link guest user verifies contact information and network access is authenticated with Radiator Auth.Fi
  7. Guest user can now use guest Wi-Fi network and the device joins network automatically
  8. Guest user can now use the guest Wi-Fi network for a limited time (for example 24 hours - based on your company policies) without the need for reauthentication. The authorisation of the user device to the network is checked periodically during allowed time.

Would you like to know more?

For more info about Radiator Wi-Fi Authentication Service, please contact our sales team at sales(a) or via contact form.

We are happy to discuss your use case and how Radiator may suit your needs. Commercially, Radiator is based on a flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription model that allows you scale the commercial model of the service based on your business needs. At the same time, we provide several feature options for the Radiator - this use case of providing guest access being one of them.