Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome to the Radiator AAA Server Cookbook

Radiator RADIUS server has been around since the early days of Internet service providers. It has and is still been developed together with our customers and partners around the world. In fact, during its lifetime, so much additional functionality and protocols have been added to Radiator, that instead of just RADIUS server, we should talk more about Radiator AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) server. Our new extension packs, Radiator SIM Pack and Radiator Diameter Pack, extend Radiator far beyond of just RADIUS and TACACS protocol functionality. Radiator runs and scales from small embedded devices like Raspberry Pi to carrier grade network equipment and server platforms including Linux, UNIX(-like) and Windows server platforms. Radiator can be run on actual hardware or virtualised in the cloud, the major design point being that Radiator is flexible, scalable and interoperable for customers and integrators to be used everywhere in the AAA infrastructure.

The challenge in marketing Radiator is that because it can do almost everything, where should and could we start in describing what the Radiator can be used for. In trade fairs it is always possible to ask the visitors what does their organisation do and then select a suitable pitch or angle for that particular segment. Doing the same on a web page or paper brochures would require us to spend more resources to write and polish content instead of actually doing the development and real things with Radiator.

For years Radiator has been delivered with comprehensive collection of configuration examples called goodies. Our customers appreciate this and that is why we get contributions from them both in code, configurations etc. However for new customers or ones looking for solution for their problems, this functionality and applicability of Radiator is hidden knowledge. In this Radiator Cookbook, we aim to bring forward old and proven recipes as well as new and experimental ones to use Radiator for solving various customer challenges. This will not be a high frequency blog, but more like one where  you can search for recipes, solutions and inspiration how to use Radiator and where to find more information about it.


The Radiator Diameter Pack is now known as Radiator Service Provider Pack.