Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Cisco ACS is reaching end of life - Radiator has got you covered

As announced already some time ago, Cisco will no longer support either the hardware or the software of their Access Control System (Cisco ACS) product line. If your network administration still runs Cisco ACS, it’s time to take action and upgrade it into a product with a clear future for updates and support. Radiator AAA Server software, often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of AAA Servers, can pick up from there.

As mentioned in a previous Radiator Cookbook post in 2018, Radiator AAA Server Software offers TACACS+ support and can be integrated with existing hardware to replace current solution’s TACACS+ and RADIUS functionalities. This means that Radiator can replace the authentication functions Cisco ACS did in your previous system. All that is required is an external database for user credentials that Radiator integrates to.

Radiator is actively developed, with multiple updates per year, so continuous support for your solution is given. And most importantly, Radiator’s support team consists of experienced professionals who have developed and actively develop Radiator AAA, so your support requests are always handled by capable RADIUS and TACACS+ experts.

These same professionals will be handling the transition work from ACS to Radiator AAA, if you so wish. Our technical team consists of experienced seniors with vast experience in enterprise, ISP, CSP and other AAA solution integrations and have done these transition projects even before the EOL was announced.

Radiator, being a flexible AAA Server with TACACS+ support, can replace ACS’s TACACS+ and RADIUS functions. Radiator does not have the built-in database, but rather integrates to a customer’s existing database. If need be, we are happy this database solution through our partner. The flexibility of Radiator also includes multi-vendor support for NAS devices. This means that changing NAS devices will not be troubled by vendor lock-in.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about Radiator AAA Server software as the flexible and supported replacement for Cisco ACS, do not hesitate to contact our sales team sales(at)