Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Radiator Policy and Charging Pack - apply credit control for your prepaid and postpaid data plans

One of our key products for service providers is Radiator Policy and Charging Pack.

Radiator Policy and Charging Pack extends Radiator by allowing direct connections to your 3GPP infrastructure through Diameter interfaces - a protocol commonly used in telecommunication networks.

The existing authentication, authorization and accounting features in Radiator are available for Diameter – RADIUS integration in Radiator Policy of Charging Pack. With this, examples of use include Wi-Fi offloading, integrating Diameter online and offline charging with RADIUS based infrastructure, integrating RADIUS accounting with Diameter online and offline charging - and much more.

How it is used by our customers

In many use cases operators and carriers have a need to expand their mobile data coverage with Wi-Fi hotspots and other Wi-Fi networks where authentication can be connected to their infrastructure with roaming. This way they can complement their mobile service with for example Wi-Fi offloading or Voice over WiFi  - at the same time keeping in track the data use of their subscribers.

With its RADIUS to Diameter conversion, Radiator Policy and Charging pack enables you to apply credit control in your network using RADIUS accounting, both with prepaid and postpaid data plans. When using prepaid data plans, the credit control features will enforce that subscriber data is limited to the amount they have paid.

Also, the credit control policies can be done in a way that the end of quota will be handled based on your business needs. For example, the customer network access can be throttled and directed to purchase additional data for renewed access. 

On more technical level, the functionality is shown in the flowchart below. Please note, how Radiator Policy and Charging Pack is situated to integrate RADIUS and Diameter interfaces, and is connected to WiFi controllers or BNG devices and with Online Charging System (OCS) or with Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF).

Flow chart showing the credit control functionality of Radiator Policy and Charging Pack

As Radiator Policy and Charging Pack is highly extensible for different customer cases, we are happy to tell you more about how your use case can be implemented. In addition, it can be integrated with other Radiator products (such Radiator SIM Pack for EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA' authentication), and we are happy to share our expertise in this as well.

Woud you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about Radiator Policy and Charging Pack and how it can be used in your use case, please contact our team at info(a)radiatorsoftware.com