Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Enterprise network authentication with Radiator

Is your Wi-Fi password written on the conference room wall? Can your guests just plug a cable in and be connected to your enterprise network? These are situations where Radiator could help your network security. Once a company grows out of the founder’s garage, gains some employees and takes up an office space, this office in most cases needs a networking solution for both the company internal network and access to the internet for employees. At the beginning these might be resolved with one router with open Wi-Fi and a shared folder over the internet. However, companies should implement some form of security for their enterprise network. The goal for these implementations is that the right people have access to the right networks and other people do not. And once these basic needs are met, then flexibility and user experience should also be taken into account.

Radiator as enterprise network AAA Server

Enterprise network authentication is a bread-and-butter use case for Radiator. The key differentiator in the market for Radiator is flexibility. Radiator offers a variety of options for when it comes to what the users are authenticated against (SQL database, LDAP or Active Directory, REST etc.), as well as what hardware your enterprise uses for their network. Radiator also offers multi-vendor support for network devices.

This is a basic setup which can be altered depending on your organisation’s needs. Multi-factor authentication with TOTP or HOTP can also be added to the solution for enterprises who want to add another layer of security to their network. Radiator supports a great variety of options for TOTP and HOTP implementations. On the other hand, Radiator can also be used for network device administration as a TACACS+ server (more information about this use case in our previous blog post). Another key differentiator for Radiator is access to active and competent support. Both Radiator email and telephone support grant you straight access to experienced Radiator developers so you can be sure your issues are resolved swiftly. While many company flagship RADIUS server products like Cisco’s ACS and Junipers Steel Belted RADIUS have been announced End-of-Life, Radiator is actively developed and supported.

Managed solution for Wi-Fi Authentication

Radiator also offers enterprise Wi-Fi authentication as a service: Radiator Auth.Fi. Radiator Auth.fi is a RADIUS based Wi-Fi authentication cloud service for authenticating network users and guests. It provides user authentication as a service for Wi-Fi, wired network and VPN. Subscription based cloud service works globally, one service covering all customer locations. Radiator Auth.fi also provides an easy way to connect to eduroam and govroam. The starting requirements for this service is RADIUS capable Wi-Fi controller. The starting solution enables simple username-password authentication for both employees and guests. This solution can be customised to include certificate authentication in collaboration with certificate provisioning solutions and PKIs such as for example SCEPman, Microsoft NDES, Intune. For more information about the managed solution for Wi-Fi authentication Radiator Auth.Fi, please see the previous blog post and our Radiator Auth.Fi product presentation.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how Radiator can help your organisations enterprise network AAA needs, please contact our sales team via e-mail sales@radiatorsoftware.com or via our contact form.